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Veterinary Compounding

Medications made easy, for your furry family

Giving your animal medication can sometimes be difficult. That's why University Pharmacy works closely with your veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the correct medication in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes effectiveness - all at a reasonable price. 

Because we offer a variety of flavors and forms, we are sure to find one that will appeal to your animal. Flavorings such as crispy bacon, angus beef, cheesy cheddar, peanut butter, or roasted lamb are top choices for many animals. Some of the more popular forms include: transdermal ear gels (for cats), solutions, suspensions, chewables, capsules, and injections.


Our years of experience working with veterinarians has made us adept at compounding specialized medicines for specific breeds of animals and unique health problems.


Some animal medications we can readily compound:



  • Doxycycline

  • Metronidazole


  • Levetiracetam

  • Phenobarbitol

  • Diazepam

  • Potassium Bromide


  • Methimazole (hyperthyroidism)

  • Gabapentin (pain management)

  • Insulin Glargine (diabetes)

  • Prednisolone (inflammation)

Veterinary visit

Download the PCCA Veterinary Brochure for additional information:

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